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Welcome to Concrete Engineering Pte Ltd

Our System is a light weight Sandwich Wall Panel for exterior and interior Walls, thus reducing construction time and increasing all properties of a good quality concrete precast panel. The panel consists of 2 external cement fiber and weather proof boards with a core of lightweight concrete between them.

About Us

CONCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD was established since 1985. It is a German managed engineering and consulting company for the concrete pre-cast industry and has introduced several innovative technologies from Europe to countries in South East Asia - Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka etc.

Our Services

We provide complete feasibility study, design and supply of turn key plants to manufacture pre-cast concrete products. Our ECO Wall Panel System ® is a fast and saving building system using pre-cast hollow core concrete panel.

Our Works

Have a look at our portfolio to see our work. This included not only concrete production plants but also improved building systems to reduce the building costs for our clients, who are mostly builders, developers or concrete pre-casters.

Our Products

Productions of our panel is on a fully automatic or semi-automatic extrusion line with 2 outer layers of a fiber reinforced cement board and a light weight concrete core. Plant out put is 50 Panels per hour, or 400 panels per 8 hour shift. The extruder can also extrude the normal concrete with a density of 2,400 Kg/m³